Windows 7 PS Actions to speed up Clear front Music Folder & DVD Case production - Downloadable

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    I made these droplets, actions and png files to quickly create a merged png file that could then be
    converted to icons using any Icon Editor that runs batch conversions (e.g. IconWorkshop, IcoFX).
    Sadly, I've yet to find a decent icon converter for Photoshop. That would make life too easy!!

    But the above makes the first two steps of a three step icon swap operation easy.
    The third step is swapping out your old folder icons with the new ones.
    And with that... Your on your own!!


    The set ups with instructions are downloadable at dA.

    Glass Front Folder Droplet and Action Set

    DVD Case Droplets and Action Set


    Elmer (BeFuddled)
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