ps2 keyboard stops working after sleep

ps2 keyboard sporadically stops working


recently I've encountered a weird problem: from some unknown reason my keyboard sporadically stops working, as if was disconnected, although the Num Lock led shines. Unplug and replug don't help, only reboot.
Driver reinstall didn't help. Replacing the keyboard didn't help.
I've tried to find some pattern - at the beginning thought that it happens after awaking from sleep, but no, I've deactivated sleep mode at all and it happened just in the middle of my work.

Does anyone have an idea?


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Can no1 help?

Unfortunately, I'm going to return to WinXP because of that problem, coz I can't work without a keyboard :frown:


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Well, I'm sure plenty of us have looked at this. It would seem you could be having problems with the physical connection at first. Then you state that it is fine under XP. If you have the resources, try a USB keyboard. I have had absolutely no issues with my USB keyboard. Now after starting from a hibernate, I sometimes have to disconnect and reconnect my USB mouse but that is not an issue

The problem was solved by restoring the system to an earlier restore point, before the two last win7 updates.

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