PS3 Backup help.

There seems to be a mystery as to how to backup a PS3. I can't get any straight answers, so I'm trying this forum. All I want to do is backup the harddrive, not put in a new hard drive.

I have a 500Gig external harddrive partitioned into 4 partitions around 110Gig each. FAT32.

Is there a difference between using the Backup utility or the copy/move function? Somewhere I read that you can only transfer files up to 4Gigs in size. My LittleBigPlanet profile data is 4.7Gigs large. Is there any way to back that up?

I was told once you start backup, it will automatically backup the entire drive. So what happens when it hits the 4.7Gig file?

Thanks. I checked both web sites and the off-shoots. Nothing is mentioned about a 4 Gig limit. So does that mean that FAT32 does not have a 4 Gig limit?


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There IS a file size limit on partitions. You can read about it here:
Understanding File-Size Limits on NTFS and FAT

and here:
Understanding File System Options —

and if you really want to get geeky and technical, you can read this:
File Allocation Table - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You can either format your backup drive to NTFS so you don't have a problem with your bigger files, or you can compress them into sequenced archives. Ask if you need help doing this.

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