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I deleted all my Public Folders. They were empty. I want them back. What can I do? Plese help save me from my stupidaty!! Thanks!


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Opening an administrative command window and typing and enter after:
SFC /scannow
might help.

Well, that doesn't work...Are they still in the recycle bin?

If you don't find a way, you can put them back one at a time...
Public Desktop
Public Documents
Public Downloads
Public Music
Public Pictures
Public Recorded TV
Public Videos

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I ran that scan and it said I had no "integrity" problems. Thanks!
I tried a system restore twice and it kept saying it could not complete because of a file problem. It suggested truning off virus protection and i did and still would not complete.
If I just put the folders back one by one is it just a matter of creating a new folder or do I need to connect it somehow to something? Thanks!


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I am not sure about how they would interact with the system, so maybe someone else would know a better way.

I was looking and after you create the public folder, right click on it and select restore previous versions. I am not sure what this will do exactly, and do not know if it will effect any other folders. But maybe something to try until someone else comes along.

I tried this and it works, IF you have something to restore from.

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Thank you very much!

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