Windows 7 Publishing to the Web with MS Publisher


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May 29, 2009
I just installed Windows 7 and MS Office 2007 with the latest patches. When I run Publisher and go to PUBLISH TO THE WEB for a website I created, the program asks for my username and password for my site and then hangs and says NOT RESPONDING. I've contacted my host and they have said there aren't any issues that they know of on their side.

I also have Windows Vista installed and when I try and PUBLISH the same file in Vista, everything works ok.

Any thoughts?


Kendall Wheeler
so you've built a .html site that seems to be locking up that the gist of it?

Publisher should save the site somewhere else on your pc, once you find it you could ftp it to your host. or is there something I'm missing?

or you can manually save the pages as index.html, about.html, etc etc... to the spot of your choice and ftp the pages to your host
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Yes, I have done that and it works BUT that's not the easiest way or the right way to really use Publisher to publish the website.
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