Windows 7 Punk Buster issues


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I cannot run my games with Punkbuster turned on, If I do I get an API restriction Message.
any help out there?
Lol... I am running legal copies of COD4 and COD WAW
Even Balance has staed that they will not work to support windows 7 as it is a beta and they will support it once it is relaesed to the general public

Here is a petition I found that is requesting that they support it :0

PunkBuster on Windows 7 Petition
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I think this is the 4th Windows 7 related petition I've seen since the public Beta release... I hate to say it, but I really don't think any of them are going to actually do anything.. A+ for effort though.. :)
about a dozen of us in our clan have had to go back to vista, W7 and pb will not get along with each other, bottom line is if we cant use W7 for online with pb enabled gaming its pretty much useless to us
Okay here is a quick update :)
I again manually updated my PB and all of a sudden my CODWAW is working great, although COD 4 still gives me the API error.
This could and most likely will all be solved by the RTM.. ;) If not right when the final product comes out then shortly after I bet.. :)