Windows 7 Punkbuster Thinks Win 7 a Hack!


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Feb 18, 2009
When I try and play COD either 4 or World at War its fine for single player but when I try and join multi-player I get kicked off the servers by Punkbuster for having an 'invalid O/S'.

Please can we have Punkbuster get updated!

Windows 7, 64bit build 7000
GeForce GTX280 x2 SLI
EVGA 790i Ultra Mbd
8GB Corsair RAM
WD Raptors x 2 in striped RAID
Intel QX9650

By the way I saw the reply on the thread that said to change the services tab but I still got kicked with the following;

RESTRICTION: Unknown Windows API Function [131152]

Second attempt said error code [131131].

Punkbuster guys need to get a move on.
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I'm pretty sure I also read around here that "Punk buster does not support beta operating systems". I would say keep an installation of Vista around for PB enabled games. This is second hand info though, my games uses VAC, which does work with Windows 7.
I posted in a thread about lag during CoD4 yesterday, just posting in here to add my two cents on PB.

CoD4 and PB work PERFECTLY on my W7 machine.
I installed CoD4, no problems, joined a server, played for a few mins, PB kicked me stating PB version was wrong, I went to the PB website, downloaded the manual updater, manually installed the newest PB update, and everything works. no problems apart from weird lag (100 - 150 ping where it should be round 40)
Seriously, apart from PB not updating itself (I've had that problem pop up in Win XP loads of times) CoD4 + PB work just fine.
After I sent a request to evenbalance to have them support Windows 7 with their punkbuster games...the response was "Windows 7 is beta software. We will not support beta software at this time or in the future."

That should answer your questions.:(
This seems to be only happening on 64bit versions AND since a Windows update a few nights ago that unfortunately cannot be rolled back. :(
Got a link for that? I'm only seeing v2.176 on the website.

I've fixed my WAW by running punkbuster and WAW in 'Vista' compatibility mode.
There is no support windows 7 beta and newer gonna be.

I beg to diff, thats why there is "this" place we are on atm. Collectively, this is one of your best chances of getting possible resolutions young man. The more of us testing and breaking it and fixing it? The more likely hood of posts with fixes and the how to on work arounds are going to by more and more avilable for us. Plus you can alwats hit some of the IRC Channels as well.
I'm having the same pRoblem and everytime i run WAW or COD 4 i get kicked from punkbuster and ask me to update my punkbuster.. however i have done all the required manualy but still nothing changed. I have W7 and i guess it has a bug problem cuz everytime i open it, it shows that the last time when it was open it was crashed.. thus i use firefox for this reason.

I have Always buy Geniun softwares, but i'm not getting the ROI from it... anyone can help:confused::confused:
As soon as windows 7 is final PB will be updated to see win 7 as a valid OS and not a hack
dont play cod 4 so no comment there, but as to cod 5, the newest pb updater, 3.4 version fixes whatever it was causing all the pb errors, all our clan members have had no more issues with pb after this release a couple of days ago
I am having the same problem with Battlefield 2142... unknown windows function blah blah. So far no workaround yet. I can play Battlefield 2 95% percent of the time. Meaning only a few servers I join say the above message. I have not tested COD4 or COD5 yet. But will soon.
if i could fix the unknown api kicks from punkbuster, windows 7 would just about be perfect. cod 4 = fail. bf2/2142 = fail. just because of punkbuster. post if you know a fix. it would be very helpful to ALOT of people....

i have tried everything, been on every forum on the internet (i think). and nothing works. I understand that win7 is a beta, built for testing only. i am trying to punkbuster = epic fail on win7:mad: any help? anyone??? i believe it has to do with allowing PnkBstrB service, to stay on "allow service to interact with desktop." located task manager, services in bottom right hand corner, find pukbstrb, right click, properties, log on, check "allow service to interact with desktop". but everytime you try to play, this unchecks itself because of how punkbuster works. seriously there has got to be a way to make punkbuster function with win7. i can game on my other system no problem. but i don't want to. i like windows 7 way more than vista.
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I hear that...

if i could fix the unknown api kicks from punkbuster, windows 7 would just about be perfect. Cod 4 = fail. Bf2/2142 = fail. Just because of punkbuster. Post if you know a fix. It would be very helpful to alot of people....

hell yeah bro... I am in the same boat here. No bf2 or 2142 because of this punkbuster issue !!!
I have the RC build 7100 32bit and works great, not a single problem, playing upwards of 10 hours on win 7 now.

What i did was say no to install PB during game install and then downloaded the latest one after.

PB rocks....
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