Windows 7 PunkBuster Unknown Windows API Function [131124]

[SOLVED] PunkBuster Unknown Windows API Function [131124]

Solution that I missed and did not know about is to Run the game as admin pfff.... I got the idea from
"I managed to get Punkbuster to run fine (on Windows 7 Home Premium) by taking a few simple steps..

1. Set the program to always run as Admin (in my case Battlefield 2142)"

Thanx Jcook

PunkBuster Unknown Windows API Function [131124]

I get kicked off PB server's on Call of Duty one.
I have updated PB with pbsetup.
I have setup pb to run as admin.
I have setup pb services to interact with desktop.
I have setup pb services compatible with both vista and XP SP3 and get the same problem.

Is there something I am missing?
Would there be another fix for this problem?
Has this been solved for COD1?
Has anybody else have this same [131124] error?

I am running 7600 RTM 64 bit

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