Put Win 7 on second HD, then dual-boot...

Have Win XP-32 bit on current primary WD Raptor 74 gig HD. Want to put in a new, second Raptor HD with Win7-64 bit as a 'dual-boot' system. I have the Win7-RC on a DVD now. System in 'sig'.

Could someone take me thru the installation process in very detailed steps. I will appreciate it.



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it's truly a doddle with you curent setup...simply install the 2nd hd, load the win7 dvd, select the 2nd drive as installation drive for win7, and its all automatically setup for dual boot menu.

*Should I disconnect the the external HD before the install...
*Does it matter which SATA connector on the MB I use?


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All internal HDs should be connected for the auto config, however a backup hard drive thats external doesnt need to be in during a installation of an os.

The sata socket doesnt make any difference as long as you always intend to use the same arrangement

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