Q: Windows Media Player plugin for Firefox?


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Greetings, Win7 fans.
A have an issue with my newly installed Win7 Ultimate.
I uninstalled/removed Windows Media Player from Control Panel -> Programs & Features -> Media Features -> Windows Media Player [check mark]. But now I can't view streaming media inside Firefox because of a missing plugin message. I tried Link Removed - Invalid URL and instead of a missing plugin message I get a black screen/box with no controls or anything loading!
Is there a way I can still watch streaming video online inside firefox without installing WMP (since I don't use it for anything else)?!?


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Hi synner, welcome to the windows7forums.

To view streaming media inside Firefox, you need to check WMP on again, as the wmp plugin is dependent on the wmp feature and needs its services running.


In case you have FF portable, you need to install plugins to your regular FF first and then to manually copy its plugins folder to the portable version.