Q6600 Vista Ultimate 32

I just did my first from scratch build based around a Core 2 Quad Q6600. I got some programs to watch the core usage, and I do not get ANY action on any cores but core 1.

I got Vista Ultimate 32-bit for free from a conference.. (not what I wanted, butI figured why buy when I already have?)
Does the 32 bit version not like quad core processors? I would think I'd get at least 2 cores with activity.. dual core machines have been out a long time now..

Any tips? Thanks!


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Which programs are you using? Also vista has no problems with multi-core chips (as long as it's not more than 4)



The big one is Microsoft Virtual Server with a Windows 2003 server virtual running, but I also have been downloading some newer game demos and stuff.

I'll be installing SQL Server 2005 & 2008 and Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 this weekend as well.

I also already have FLStudio 8 installed.

Got it working.
There are CPU options in the BIOS. One labelled something weird, but the help thing said only disable for Windows XP, and it defaulted to disable. I enabled it and some other options became available, and when I saved and exited one more core came online.. Vista installed drivers and rebooted. I went in to the CPU settings on the BIOS again and enabled the rest of the options. The last one, HyperThread, enabled the last two cores. The OS does use all four cores for itself and everything I throw at it, so I saw a HUUUGE speed increase.. from booting up to everything.. Love the Quads!!

I got the ASUS P5n-D with some OC options.. not usually my bag, but it looks like I'm pretty well rigged for OCing, maybe I'll take a stab at it.

Complete system:
Rosewill 950W PS
GF 9800 GTX(G92)-512GB (675mhz) (only got one for now)
4GB Corsair ram.. DDR2 800 (2 chips)
and of course 3 SATA drives, 320GB each in a RAID 5

The Apevia case has a bunch of sensors in it and a colorful LCD on the front with meters



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Great! Glad you got it sorted...:D

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