Qiuck Question: Problem Step Recorder

Hello Friends!!

I used Problem Step recorder to make a youtube video and it says Video >>Falied<<

My Question: Is Problem Step Recorder a good thing to use to make youtube videos?



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I don't use this but I read that The Problem Steps Recorder in the Windows 7 operating system is a feature that enables users to record their interactions with an application and provide a detailed screen-by-screen view with accompanying information. So I don't understand how you used it to make a video?


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Hi conduct. It's saved as an mht document with a series of images with the key presses listed above.


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I'm not familiar with this program. It's not really a Windows 7 question but you can follow this guide to make youtube videos: How to Make a YouTube video | eHow.com

Oh well,... Thanks!


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I don't have any experience with the format either, but it seems you might be able to convert it to something like a power point presentation (or something similar) and then to a video. I do not know if there is any free software to do this or if Power Point can be made into a video directly.

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