Hi everybody,

I got a new asus computer a few months ago, and from Day 1, bluescreen. It bluescreens about once every day. It is random, I cant do anything to induce the error. I thought it was software, so I didnt report it to asus right away. I ran memtest several times, with no errors. I updated every driver I could think of including the bios. Well it eventually started bluescreening so much, I sent it in. Asus replaced the motherboard, and it is still bluescreening.

These are the bluescreen errors I have gotten:


I uploaded most of the dmp files I have. I can upload the rest if you want them.

I have only gotten the KERNAL MODE TRAP error since I got the computer back with the replaced motherboard, but it is only day 3.

I have no idea what is going on with this machine. It's not overheating. Nothing. Just bam! done. Thanks for your help in advance.

To add to the mayhem, my computer doesnt like booting out of hibernate mode anymore. Idk what the deal is with that. I have all kinds of weird stuff going on. I am fairly knowledgeable about computers, but this has had me completely stumped.

I have Windows 7 64 bit, 4GB DDR3, I5 Processor 2.26GHZ, nvidiaGT325M Cuda w/ 1GB Deticated RAM, as well as an integrated graphics card w/ ASUS' optimus powersaver graphics functions

I see in your stickied topic, and on some of your posts you recommend uninstalling some AV's what do you recommend as an AV? Do I even need an AV on win7 with the new admin permissions? I am still pretty new to Win7 I guess....been using it on and off for ~8months. I think I still like XP in a lot of ways though. I wish my old HP w/ XP didnt die :( That thing was old but a beast. :(:(:(:( HP DV8000t :(:(:(:( It's in lappy heaven now :(



AVG is crashing your machine. Uninstall it with the tool in safe mode:

AVG - Download tools

Also uninstall ZoneAlarm, which is another definite cause of bsods.

Then reboot and install MSE to replace the antivirus.

Any yet, a 3rd definite cause of bsods has been the NEC USB 3.0 driver:

2: kd> lmvm nusb3xhc
start             end                 module name
fffff880`04600000 fffff880`0462f000   nusb3xhc T (no symbols)           
    Loaded symbol image file: nusb3xhc.sys
    Image path: nusb3xhc.sys
    Image name: nusb3xhc.sys
    Timestamp:        Mon Oct 26 10:19:48 2009 (4AE5B004)
    CheckSum:         0003461D
    ImageSize:        0002F000
    Translations:     0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4

Update it from the motherboard manufacturer's site.

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Lol, I didnt mention avg to see if you were reading those dmp files, you are good. ;)

I will do just that good sir.

Yep, those 3 things are a definite 100% must. Your machine will be perfectly fine after that. By any little chance you have had a 4th problem and crashes continue, post the new dumps and I'll see what's up with it. Enjoy. :)

Oh I must ask, AVG and Zone alarm where like, the **** on XP. They always worked really well, and I never had any problems with them. Why suddenly the opposite on win7? Any ideas?

AVG is one of the most notorious softwares on Windows 7. I cringe every time I see it. I must have repaired 2-3000 machine online with it since Windows 7 beta release.

I use ZoneAlarm myself, ZA Extreme to be exact. I have never had a single crash since starting using it over 10 years ago. When users do not have proper configurations on the network and machines, this causes bsod issues with ZA. And that's what you're having as one of your problems.

See my comment here made earlier today:


Wow, that somewhat funny, but sucks for the AVG revenue model. I have installed MSE. I will see what happens with that.

This is a pretty nice forum. I have never seen such an OS focused community.

Nice...now remove the ZA and update the NEC USB 3.0 driver heh heh. :)

Well, I made all the suggested changes, and my computer was bluescreen free for 3 days. It was still struggling to exist sleep mode, but I figured that was a software problem.

TODAY, the computer stopped turning on AGAIN. I am sending it back into asus. I cant even get in to reformat.

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