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hi all,
i've had W7 installed for almost a year, but yesterday i had to reformat.
after i installed W7 again, i noticed that the space between the lowest icon and taskbar is bigger than it was before (image attached).

is there any way to lower the last row of icons?

thanks in advance!



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I've not tried this on windows 7 but I used to adjust the icon spacings on XP by editing the following Registry keys:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics]
"Shell Icon Size"="47"

That method was done just for speed.

The manual adjustments for Windows 7 (again, not tried) can be got to by right clicking the desktop and selecting Personalize or through Personalisation in the Control Panel.

Then select: Window Color >> Advanced Appearance settings... > Use the drop down list to select > Icon Spacing (Vertical). Although that will adjust all icon spacings it should (I think, edit:- it does) drop them closer to your taskbar.

Note that this setting will adjust all icon spacings (including folder views) so some playing about will be required to hit the sweet spot.

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that's it, thank you mr. fudd. :D


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Glad to have helped and a (hic!) Merry Chrimble to you.

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