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Ok so i bought a Belkin Easy Transfer cable to use the Windows Easy Transfer feature, the reason being is that I have several PCs in the house, 2 of them are gaming PCs, the others are HTPCs, I also have a laptop and not to mention my sister & dad uses one too, so I often have to copy files across one another, whether it's a movie, game or whatever.

The files i copy and share across the PCs are usually large in size, so the best way i found was to use an external hardrive to copy files to it, and then transfer the files to the PC i want to copy to.

But doing this is slow and annoying, and my external hardrive is a piece of crap and often gets corrupted (it's a cheap Seagate brand and unreliable).

So I thought, maybe I should buy a cable that lets me connect 2 computers through USB port, and transfer the files that way. So I did, I got the Belkin Easy Transfer Cable yesterday and it works really nicely, transfer speed is fast and no setup is required unless you're using Windows XP, but it's not complicated to setup anyway as it gives you a manual guide with pictures showing you what to do.

Anyway it works fine except that it takes a few minutes to establish connection and scan for the files on the system. Basically, you connect the cable, and you choose the system you want to copy the files "FROM" as 'Old Computer', and you choose the system you want to copy the files "TO", as 'New Computer', and then it'll start scanning for all the files you can copy on from the 'Old Computer' (because you're copying files "FROM" it). The scanning takes quite a bit of time, depending on the size of your hardrive and how many GBs of files you have on it, for me it took about 5 minutes since it was on a laptop with 150GB HDD.

So my question is, is there any option to bypass this scanning process?? Because I only want to specify a certain amount of folders to be scanned as those are the folders that I copy files from all the time, there aren't any options on how to change this during the Windows Easy Transfer process.

Also, is it possible for me to right click on a file or folder and send to the other PC through Windows Easy Transfer this way, instead of connecting them both and let it scan, and finally be able to select the files i want to copy??

Basically, i'm looking for any fast or shortcut way to do this, because the scanning part during the process is a bit slow and annoying...


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If you really want to use the Easy file Transfer, if you click on custom, it should allow you to specify which folders you want to transfer.

I would probably get a flash drive to move the files. They are very cheap now.

I suppose a network does not do what you want. You might be able to use the Windows 7 media sharing to share some types of files.

you can only choose the option "Custom" AFTER the scanning process is done, I have 2x 2TB HDDs and the scanning will take ages, you basically can't do anything after you connect the USB, you just have to let it scan before you can choose what files and folders you want to copy over from, and what i want is to prevent the scanning happening in the first place, i just want to make the scanning process only scan one or 2 folders of my choice and not the entire system. OR, a way for me to right click on a file or folder and send to Windows Easy Transfer.

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