Question on Windows 7 Backup Options, please

Mike Goodger

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Hi, I'm new here.

My Backup efforts have been spasmodic and I want to improve, as follows:

1. Occasionally, do a full "Mirror Image Backup" of my whole system on external hard drive. This seems to be a standard, simple thing via Windows Help.

2. Do a separate "selected" backup on external hard drive - My Desktop Folder, My Downloads Folder, My Documents, My Pictures and My Videos.

3. Whenever I feel that there is enough new stuff - repeat (2), applying only the changes.

Obviously (3) would be done more often than (1).

I have not found how to do (2) and (3) as a standard Windows operation.

Maybe you could recommend a safe, free or paid third party program to handle (2) and (3)?


Mike Goodger

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Thanks. I've just gone into some reviews and decided to go for Backup Maker Free - there's a lot in it but I only need the simple bits.

For full mirror image backups I may stay with the Windows Backup, and use Backup Maker for the original and incremental folders-and-files backups that Windows does not offer.


Saber Lancer

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Thank you for the suggestion. I should try this out. I also ran into a free backup solution called I should try all these and see what's the best among. In fact, all I need is only to backup outlook, files and autocad drawing.


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To be sour once again, the true way to backup is to manually do it. All automation give a false sense of security. When you do it yourself, you know what you have. No clouds or booms can give me the security I have in my burned DVDs. Everything may break down, even electricity, but then I have charged batteries.

Apocalyptic? Yes, indeed.