Question re. moving HD to new Windows 7 machine

I have an old XP machine with a C: drive, two CD drives (D: and E: ) and a hard drive with three partitions (F:, G:, and H: ).

I just got a new Gateway 4300 Windows 7 machine. It currently has a C: drive and a single DVD/CD drive (D: ). I would like to move my second drive from the old machine to the new one however I would really like to keep the partitions with the same drive letters as that is where some of my software expects to find the data.

I'm guessing the easiest thing would be to install a second DVD drive on the new machine to take up the E: position and then install the second HD but maybe there is an easier answer. Plus if I do that I've found that getting an internal DVD/CD drive physically installed will be a challenge. If I add an external DVD/CD drive with a USB connection would that stay as my E: drive or would the second internal HD take priority and become drives E-G making the external DVD drive the H drive?

I hope that makes sense. I also hope someone can respond in the next couple of hours as I would like to get the 2nd DVD/CD drive today, if necessary, so I can install it tomorrow and continue my migration to the new machine over the weekend.



Thanks, Drew. It'd be nice if there was a predictable logic to it but it's good to know I'm on the right track, with a little luck.

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