Windows 7 Question Taskbar full screen thumbnail preview just show black rectangle


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Jan 29, 2009
My 1+ day Windows 7 was good.

Now, when I mouse over over the taskbar, the full screen preview no longer shows the thumbnail. Instead, it shows a black rectangle :-(

Besides this, everything is fine. Windows 7 is great.

My hardware is a new desktop with MSI motherboard, Core2 Quad Q8200, 8 GB RAM and ATI graphic card. Everything, except the SM Bus, was recognised, and proper driver was installed. Windows Experience Index is 6.1 for graphic and 7 for others.

The SM bus doesn't seem to be related, as the taskbar was showing proper preview earlier.
Much appreciate help.

Thank you from Singapore


i can see from your screen shot that you dont have the full aero effect working so im guessing you only have the default windows drivers for your graphics card, try the preview drivers available here - ATi Windows 7 Preview drivers. - Neowin Forums and see if that improves anything.