Question - Using a seperate Data Partition

My HD has 2 partitions, one for the OS (c: drive) and a second (unused D: drive) data partition.

Just installed Windows 7 Professional on the OS partition - works great.

My Questions - I had planned to put all my applications on the data partition but now I'm reconsidering and may want to put everything on c: partition, it just seems simpler. Another reason, I'm not quite sure how to make the installed programs always go to the D drive.

Second question - Can I simply delete the d partition (Computer Management, Disk Management) and then make it part of the c drive?

Suggestions greatly appreciated.

Data Pratition

Many thanks Drew, I will give your suggestion much consideration.

Joe S

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One more thing to remember is to backup the data partition incase of an oops. I've been using that for a few years now and like it onec I got used to it. It's nice to reinstall the OS without reinstalling everything you saved!


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Note you can also right click Documents > Properties > Location tab and change the location of your Documents folder to D drive - you can do the same with Downloads and other folders too.

Thank you for replying

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