Question: Zoom in / Scale up Single Window/Application

Hi all,

I'm looking to see if there are any tools that allow me to increase the size of a single application window by zooming it in, scaling up the size of the window. I have seen programs like Winamp offer window-scaling but I don't know if they are using a standard windows feature or their own coding.

Desktop Composition also shows a small "preview" of the window on the task bar, so I know that windows can track individual window graphics.

Applications appear bigger when the DPI setting is increased, but I have not found any way to increase DPI on a single application.

Any help is appreciated!


Thanks for your reply. I have tried magnifier, and some of the other magnifiers avaliable and they are all too laggy to be usable on a full window. They also track the cursor, I've not seen any that are designed to work on a fixed window location. Basically I just need something like this feature in Winamp, but applied to any window I need scaling up.

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