Questions about SONY VAIO laptops from early 2000s?

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    Which one's newer computer of these two similar SONY VAIO laptops?
    This one (R505): Sony Vaio R505EL 12 1 PCG 643L Laptop Computer Notebook Parts Repair Sold as Is 027242611887 | eBay
    Or this one (V505): Sony Vaio PCG V505EX 12 1" 80 GB Intel Pentium M 1 5 GHz 512 MB Notebook 027242642720 | eBay

    1. Which one has the better processor?
    2. Is it possible to remove the ancient processor and replace it with a modern one?
    3. Is it possible to plug in a 1TB HDD in these laptops (would it work?)
    4. If I plugged in a 320 GB HDD with W7 already installed in it with lots of files, could it boot from it?5. What is the maximum RAM on these two laptops?
    6. Could it play bluray movies?

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