Questions on Re-install Windows 7

Hello- I have to re-install Windows 7 because I had some problems with my computer due to loosing my password and having to go through the back door to enable the administrator and create a new log in. It ended up causing problems with some of my documents and other things. Also, I got it when it was Vista and had to install the Windows 7 Home Premium after the fact and now how Professional so it's time to do it.

I just need some basic direction. I have Easeus Partition Master Professional and Easeus Workstation backup.

I have outlook emails that I don't want to loose but use Firefox with yahoo also. I have done a full backup and a systems image. I have backup up my Firefox and now I am trying to decide what exactly to do next to have a smooth process. I wondered if there isn't something I can do like create a partition to have the new Windows Professional installed and then the software and documents in another place so that I will always be able to do this easily in the future if need be. If so if anyone knows how to do that with the Easeus Partition Master Professional. I also did Windows Easy Transfer because someone on another site said to do that to save all my settings.... I am opening all of my applications so that I can run Belarc and it should then show me the license keys that I can't find easily.... But I wondered if anyone could walk me through the quickest and safest way to do this. If I just restore my backup after I re-install Windows will my software programs be there? And if I do that and there are documents and things that are messed up now will they be messed up still if I do it that way? Not all of my software is in a nice sleeve with the license. Some, a lot is actually downloaded from the internet. I also have moved twice in the last year and a half so finding everything is a little bit more challenging...

Can anyone give me guidance on a step by step accurate and effective time saving process on how to best do this without loosing everything????

I would be so very grateful. I have put this off too long and need to move forward...

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