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Hello everyone,

I recently bought a Dell XPS 17 laptop running Windows 7 and would now like to insert an SSD in the available slot to run in parallel with the HDD that originally came with the laptop. I realize that the answers to some of my following questions are found in other related threads, and I have read several guides for some insight in the process. I am, however, relatively inexperienced in the field and am not sure what of the information is relevant for my system, and I also see that there are several different approaches in terms of windows installation and optimization. With this, I am hoping your expertise may guide me in this undertaking. :)

Ideally, I wish to install Windows and commonly used programs on the SSD, while keeping the bulk of my files like music, videos etc. on the HDD. As far as I've read, a fresh install of windows is preferred. I do not have a Windows 7 disc as it came preinstalled with the laptop. I only have the system recovery discs I made and the preinstalled system recovery software. Can I for instance migrate windows over to the SSD, and eventually do a reinstall on the drive? In any case, is it a problem to have Windows installed on both drives, as long as I boot from the SSD? I am basically trying to find the most convenient way to do this, and I am open to suggestions.

In terms of optimization, I am trying to keep it limited to the essential adjustments since, as mentioned, my computer skills are somewhat limited. I suppose that alignment (set to ASCII before migrating (?)) would be required, and disablement of disk defragmentation? I am not sure if any of these modifications are bypassed when using the SSD as an additional drive rather than as a replacement. I am hoping you can shed some light on this, as it is something of a muddle to me.

Again, the most convenient approach would be highly valued! Hope you can help a newbie in need. :D

Warm regards

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