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Jan 12, 2009
If I install 7 on my computer, will I lose my music and everything else on the hd? Also, whats the difference between 32 and 64?
If you have to ask this kind of questions, I suggest you don't bother playing with it until final release.
im usually pretty good on computers and I have an old XP not doing crap. So answers? also, when I try to download, I get a white screen with green dots moving in circles. Why is it not downloading? Do I have to use Internet Explorer? And yes, I know how to burn an ISO
32 Bit will only recognize up to 3.5 GB of RAM on your computer.
64 Will go up to 16 GB. However, older CPU's are not compatible with 64 bit.

This information is readily available on the Microsoft Website

Scroll down and you can find out.
Before you download anything, you should know these things.

For your convenience, I will brief it.

If you chose to "Upgrade" you will not lose anything.
If you chose to "Clean Install" you will lose everything unless you have a backup.
Actually 64-bit will go up to 128GB "and more".. ;) (If you can find a motherboard that will support that much)

The download thing isn't a problem, the spinning green dots are just a loading screen, after that you should either get a screen that has a place for you to log into the microsoft site (using your hotmail address), or a screen with a product key for the beta (if your already singed in).. Once the screen with the key comes up (write the key down or print off the page) you click the button that says "Download Now", the download manager will install and you'll then start downloading the beta (ISO).. it's really not that hard. ;) But as stated above if you have to ask these kinds of questions I wouldn't recommend testing Beta software...
I have logged in and the green dots are still going round and round(like a record) Also, I have an XP not doing anything but being a shelf.
Try cleaning out your cookies and internet history and then try downloading it again.. I just checked and was able to start the download for each version no problem..And just because you don't use XP doesn't mean you should beta test an OS. Especially if you don't want to lose your files/music. Use something that is final, like Vista or a linux distribution if your confident with computers.. and you should be backing up your files anyway if your planning on trying a new OS.. especially since by the sounds of it you don't have multiple partitions set up right now.... ;)
The XP has nothing on it right now that can be useful. Also, I tried with Internet Explorer and it finally worked. Thanks to those that helped. To be clear, I have partitions on vista, and i tried Opera and Chrome to download it.
Huzzah for Opera!

Now if only somebody would at least REPLY on my thread about downloading 7.

I do like the idea of clearing my cookies, I'll try that.
As soon as I get of of my Ubuntu Live CD that is.
Note Opera and Chrome did not work for me, sorry about the misunderstanding.

On more question, what do I do if my computer doesnt read dvds and has no internet?
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