Quick format during install process

Anyone else notice you have to go into Advanced Options to select a quick format of the C: drive before installing Windows 7?

The first time I installed the RC version on my XP computer I had a artifacts left over from XP that caused problems.

I was told by a friend to reinstall and go into Advance options during the install process and select format. This solved the problem of anything from the old OS remaining and things work they way they should.

You would think this would be a default parameter as Windows 7 doesn't have an upgrade path from XP


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Quite true, in addition by now I would have expected disk intergrity checkers and full formatting options on the same tool page.


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It seems to me to be a sensible decision by MS.

An inexperienced user could easily install to the wrong partition and lose their data.

If that happens on the first ( obvious) screen - data is stored in Windows.Old, and can be retrieved - you can even rollback to the previous installation from there.

MS makes it a positive decision for someone with a bit more experience to go to the next screen and perform the format.

Not easy to spot it the first time you install an NT6 o/s - a little info on the screen would help.

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