quick, general question about 64-bit


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ok, so...........

i have a 64 bit HP laptop which i inadvertently obliterated the Windows install on.

i took it to a guy i paid to do a clean reinstall on it.
i get it back, and realize he installed 32 bit Windows on it.

i called him back, concerned about this. his explanation is that since the laptop only has 4GB of RAM, 32 bit is fine and the other 32 bits won't be utilized anyway.

my concern is... i write music. processing music is resource intensive.

am i kinda screwed here?
can someone confirm or deny his reasoning?


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What he is saying about the memory is correct. If you want to get the full value of x64 you need more RAM.

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If you decide you want to add more ram in the future the 32 bit won't recognize it. If you paid him to restore your system and he screwed it up he should fix his screwup. If he won't fix it at his expense I wouldn't go back and I would also let everybody I knew about it.


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There are other advantages to 64 Bit as well. On resource intensive apps 64 bits will work more efficiently. If you have a legitimate key for 64 Bit and an installation disk, just insert your DVD in, and install the 64 Bit OS. Or make him do it for you. Installing Win 7 is so easy, it might not be worth the cost to drive back to his shop twice to make him do it.

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