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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by Fiji, Jun 1, 2009.

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    If I uninstall my mouse driver does it automatically reinstall or do I have to find a mouse driver online and download it before I uninstall it?

    My computer has been falling to crap lately. Recently, Vista slapped me in the face by presenting me with a black screen that is staying there before my login, meaning, i can only login through safe mode. [VISTA FAIL]

    Anyways, prior to this event, my mouse has been laggy or glitchy or however you would describe it.

    When I'm using the mouse, it would freeze for about 3 seconds and sometimes the laser underneath it would even go on and off. Sometimes I have to unplug it from the USB and plug it back in. This would happen all day every couple of minutes(2 -5) and then for no reason it would work perfectly for hours.

    Today, I officially had it with this thing. Now its happening every time I move the mouse.

    Case and point, I'm convinced my computer problem has something to do with my mouse driver and not the mouse. I thinking this because I have spent three days trying to fix my login problem with no success.
    I even have a thread on it. http://winvistaforums.com/windows-vista-support/16697-login-screen-doesnt-show-just-black-screen-only-safe-mode-works-plz-help.html
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    Hi! I'm concerned about the black screen before login, booting in safe mood. Have you run any anti-virus scans ? (It is helpful to know what kind of computer you have) How long is the black screen, is it with a a white cursor only? Have you installed any new hardware or software? Downloaded SP2? I was thinking, you might try a start-up repair: How to automatically repair Windows Vista using Startup Repair ( Don't try the "Start-Up Repair" until I hear from you first.) Disconnect all USB devices- you can download a new driver for your mouse from manufacterer website later.
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    Normally a reboot will suffice although if it's a something a sidewinder or a copperhead you'll need to install the driver for full funtionality..

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