QWindows 7: Desktop not covering full width of monitor


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Sep 18, 2012
I have just switched on my computer to find that a piece of my desktop has been cutoff by the full width of my 2nd monitor display, here's a screenshot of the problem:
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as you can see i have tried to drag the area to the right of the screen with the cursor but it wont go any further to the right, also worth noting is several programs that were located on the left hand edge of the monitior have been moved off the side into what appears to be no mans land between the 2 displas, if i draw a box between the 2 monitors i can move them to the right and they re appear!

Today i was using teamviewer 8 thats the only thing i could think may have this eeffect althought it has never happened before!

You should be able to adjust for overscanning within your graphics property dialog. Otherwise, have you made sure your nothing has changed on the monitor settings itself? There's buttons along the bottom typically to adjust options such as display width, etc.

I'd second what Mitchell said about the settings on the monitor itself.

I remember once spending many many hours configuring and reconfiguring my graphics card, only to discover that there was an option in the settings of my monitor to set the screen position - it just needed to be nudged across. This is especially common if you're using a TV with VGA input.