Radeon All-in-Wonder 7200 Family AGP Card

Radeon All-in-Wonder 7200 Family Drivers I am reposting this as I put it in the wrong place before.

I was part of the Vista Beta program using Vista Ultimate and used the program for two months with no driver problems, i.e. no messages at startup that said the system couldn't find any drivers. Then I bought Vista Home Premium. and have been plagued with six missing drivers as follows:
These file names are what show up under driver Details under Device Manager. They are either what is there but inadequate or what is missing.

No driver files for this subject AGP processor card are available from ATI, HP, or MIcrosoft.

I cannot locate driver files on either the Vista Ultimate disk or the Home Premium disk although I know they have to be there somewhere, but not with explicit file names.

I have three options:
1. Live with it and whatever Aero features I am seeing including some glassy effects and screen management features. This means everytime I reboot I have the irritation of disabling the six missing driver functions.

2. Find the missing drivers somewhere somehow.

3. Upgrade the Power Supply from 250 W to 500 W and buy a Vista ready AGP graphics processor.

I would appreciate advice on these issues as overheating might be an issue on #3 (besides


Ray Z.

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