Radioactive water in tunnels under Japanese nuclear plant could be spilling into soil, ocean !


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The buildup of highly radioactive water in the tunnels beneath the Fukushima complex is hindering efforts to restore power to the facility. Traces of plutonium, w

Reporting from Tokyo and Los Angeles—

Water with extremely high levels of radiation has been accumulating in a tunnel complex at Japan's earthquake-damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility and could be overflowing and spilling into the soil or running into the ocean, officials said Monday.

The large U-shaped tunnel is connected to the turbine building of the No. 2 reactor, and water has risen to within about four inches of the manhole-type lid, officials with Tokyo Electric Power Co. said.

Officials with Tepco, which owns the facility, said highly radioactive water was building up in tunnels underneath at least three reactors at the nuclear power plant, impairing the ability of workers to reestablish power connections at the facility.

Tepco officials also said that tests last week found trace levels of plutonium in soil outside the plant, an indication that the containment vessel of reactor No. 3, the only one that is fueled with plutonium, may have been breached.
hich is highly carcinogenic, are detected outside one of the reactors.,0,2959576.story

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