RAID 5 on Win 7 - worked fine but suddenly wouldn't boot


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I've got a ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 card and a fresh install of Win 7. I've got four 1Tb disks, one with the OS-install and three disks set to RAID 5. I just set BIOS to "use SATA disks as RAID", installed Win 7 on the first disk and then used the software that comes with the motherboard (Ctrl+I in POST) to raid the three disks. It worked fine for a couple of days and then suddenly i get stuck on the Win 7 logo on bootup, nothing happens. The Windows error search choice on startup also gets stuck so finally i unplug the RAID disks and set BIOS to "use SATA as IDE" and now i get Win 7 to boot normally.

Did i do something wrong when i raided the disks? Is there something i have to setup in Win or BIOS to make Win 7 recognize my RAID again (and be able to boot!)?

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