Windows 7 Raid disks on ASUS M2R32-MVP for Win7


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May 18, 2009
Good day, I experience problems with Raid 1+0 after Win 7 installation: My configuration:

SATA Slot DiskSize RaidArray #
1 320Gb 1
2 320Gb 1 (mirror)
3 1Tb 2
4 1Tb 2 (mirror)

So, after installation on disk configuration 1-2(full mirror) + 4(half mirror) everything works fine, but if I remove 4th disk or add 3d disk, Win7 reboots after "windows starting" logo(without BSOD). The same problem, if I remove 1st or 2nd disk. I have the latest drivers for Raid, installation end without any errors. Any ideas, how to solve those problem?
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