Ok guys, I have a Sony VGC-RC210G HTPC, it shipped with 2x160GB drives in RAID0 config. Yesterday I got 2 more 160GB drives and I want to add them to my config but can I do this without losing all my current data in the original configuration? I have the Intel Matrix Storage Manager, and checked out the options right after booting, but seems like I'd lose all my data creating a new config. Just need some info.

Thanks all.

If you want to add them as a seperate raid setup you can without messing with the current setup. If you want to use all 4 drives in a single Raid setup, then yes, you will lose all of the current configuration

Thanks mike, the reason I wanted to do this was to be able to test Win7 better without losing my XP and Vista partitions, I installed everything from scratch, it works fine. I spend all my time with Win7 though.

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