Windows 7 Ralink WLAN problem.


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I am running the new beta on a Advent 9115 laptop, i first installed it using the upgrade option but i had a problem with the graphics adapter and could only get a low res, however the wlan worked fine. I decided to reinstall from scratch cause the low res is crap, but the WLAN driver wont install no matter which way i try.

Can anyone help with this?
I have a wireless USB that needs the RALINK driver as well...

turns out, the latest version of the driver (which as far as I could tell was for the exact same thing) did NOT work for me, and did not detect the device... but using an older driver version, the one I used with Vista, DID work.

In my case, i usr the RT2500 USB Wireless Lan card driver (, but when I used the 3.x.x.x. it wouldn't work.
Funnily enough, i clicked on search for driver automatically, and it got the driver from the net and it worked!!! Why didnt it do that the first, second, third or fouth time i tried that?

Wierd but its sorted now, im loving the new windows after that mishap, and am looking forward to the full version so i dont see "send feedback" on every window.

Got the same problem, driver used to work for my RT61 pci card but i reformatted and now it won't install the right driver, infuriating!