Windows 7 RAM problem


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new system with Gigabyte EP31 board, 2gb 800MHz RAM (2 X 1gb) SS RAM. I gb in channel 1 + 1gb in channel 2 (e.g. red + red channels)

Win7 loaded up fine and was working great. Fast load times and quick shutdown.

Then I added 1 additional gb 800mhz ram to one of the (yellow) slots. The system then hung at the Gigabyte logo screen at startup.

So, thinking it was faulty ram I swapped it out for another stick. Same problem.

Any help on this one appreciated.

I just told someone else I was getting BSODs until I removed a 1/2 gig stick of AMP brand RaM. 2 different manufacturers and I had a problem

-1 gig stick Crucial pc3200
-1 1/2 stick of AMP pc3200

Now just the crucial and it runs fine.
these RAM sticks are "just the usual" we use around here, no brand name as such on them but they don't cause us problems as a rule. The 3 sticks are all the same and same timings etc.
No. That's not solving my problem or answering my question. Its common to have 3gb RAM in Vista for example.
But the 'common' way would be to have one bank filled with 2 1GB sticks, and the other bank filled with 2 512MB sticks. (as my system is)

You are using one bank as interleaved memory, and one bank as not. Your MB may not work correctly that way.
So don't tell me I am not solving your problem or answering your question - because I am!

Try filling both banks, or simply leave it at one. Because if you don't try it both ways, you are wasting all of our time.
A single SIMM can be used for memory expansion, but will result in a portion of memory being non-interleaved single SIMM can be used for memory expansion, but will result in a portion of memory being non-interleaved. (wikipedia)

My question is why then isn't the extra 1gb working. That is the nature and gist of my query. It's not accurate to say all ram sockets need to be filled in order to work.
Some motherboards work better than others in certain configurations, and with certain components.

Is the new ram the same brand as the original? And have you tried a different brand?

My computer did the same thing when I added ram, and changing brands is what fixed it.
You could start by disabling the Gigabyte logo and reading the bios messages to get an idea on why it is hanging.

You could also try updating the bios.

Also reading the Gigabyte website might shed some information:

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Because of chipset limitations
*To avoid the system being unable to start or the memory being incorrectly detected, if only one memory module is to be installed, we suggest that you install it on the DDR2_1 or DDR2_3 socket.
*To install two memory modules, we suggest that you install them on the DDR2_1 and DDR2_3 sockets, when the DDR2_2 or DDR2_4 socket is populated with a DDR2 1066 MHz memory module, the memory speed will be downgraded to 800 MHz).
*when using FSB 1333 MHz CPU with populating all DIMM sockets, memory frequency will be reduced from the original, and system instability or incorrect detection of memory module may be occur.
(Please refer \"Memory Support List\" for memory support information)
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