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Does the order of RAM sticks matter? I am new to hardware. if I have 6 slots 1 GB sticks won't natter I guess. But what If the sticks are 1 and 2 GB? My PC appears to be dual channel where two sticks fit in each module(Block with 2 slots).


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Full spec of the machine would help us to see what we;re dealing with. Normally though it's best to match ram like for like.


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I was sort of asking how to pair up sticks. Is each system different?
I have done it but don't remember what I did.
How do I find the way to do it for my Dell XPS 8300?


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If there are two slots then add to slot 1 first then 2 or two sticks. It's better if they are the same size sticks 2GB and 2Gb or 4GB and 4GB etc but it will still run with mismatched sticks. Keep them the same speed or the board will downclock to the slower speed. If it's 4 slots it's better to add them to every other slot before pairing them up because each pair should have a separate DMA controller


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Normally the slots have got different colors. E.g. there are two blue slots and two black slots. The modules that are inserted into the slots of the same color should ideally be the same. If you got two different pairs insert one pair into the slots of color x and the other pair into the slots of color y.


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That is what I did. I finally found a manual and I have them right; 1,3,2,4.
Color made it easier.


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Thanks for reminding me about the colors. That s what I did, the second time.

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