Ik had een vraagje ivm mijn RAM-geheugen. Mijn laptop heeft 4 gig RAM. Maar windows 7 zegt DAT er maar 3 gig RAM-geheugen beschikbaar is. Hoe komt dit?

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Hi Ruben. We do have a translation facility on the site, but it is better if you post your problem in English
I,ll do it for you in this case
:"I had one question about my RAM. My laptop has 4 gig of RAM. But Windows 7 says that only 3 gig RAM available. Why?


I gb seemss to be a lot, but some of the ram is being used for the system itself. This would not normall be as much as a half gb. perhaps you graphics card is a "shared" card, and is using a little more? But perhaps it woud be wise to run a memory check and make sure the installed ram is functioning correctly. You could also try removing or adjusting, from withinn the laptop and see if it is properly seated?

Google translation
"Ik gb seemss te veel, maar sommige van de ram wordt gebruikt voor het systeem zelf. Dit zou niet normall worden zo veel als een halve GB. misschien heb je grafische kaart is een "gedeeld" kaart, en is met behulp van een beetje meer? Maar misschien is het woud het verstandig zijn om een geheugen check uitvoeren en zorg ervoor dat de geïnstalleerde ram goed functioneert. U kunt ook proberen te verwijderen of aanpassen, uit Withinn de laptop en kijk of het goed zit? "

Thats because 32 bit systems can see only 3GB of ram.
If you used a 64 bit edition, you could use all of your ram.


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Thats because 32 bit systems can see only 3GB of ram.
If you used a 64 bit edition, you could use all of your ram.
32 bit systems can see and address ~4GB of ram. 500MB to 1 GB may be unavailable however
due to system overhead.

The limit for 32 bit OS's is a mathamatical limit
Here’s the math for 32-bit systems:

2 to the 32nd power = 4,294,967,296 bytes
4,294,967,296 / (1,024 x 1,024) = 4,096 MB = 4GB

Here’s the math for 64-bit systems:
2 to the 64th power = 18,446,744,073,709,551,616
18,446,744,073,709,551,616 / (1,024 x 1,024) = 16EB (exabytes) ~16 Quintillion bytes

To use a 64 bit OS your hardware must be 64 bit (processor and motherboard).

Even with a 64 bit OS system overhead will still use some of your installed ram.

A 64 bit OS can address more that 4 GB.

Many systems today have more than 4 GB of installed ram
as well as coming preinstalled with Win 7 64 bit.

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