Ramdom Freezes - not the usual

Win 7 randomly freezes and nothing seems to trigger it the same twice.
The kicker is this -
I ram Memtest86 - no errors at all for all night
I ran Eurosoft PCCheck - no errors on Ram, HDD, CPU, Video
I have no overclock
I swapped out the graphics card with another, no change
I swapped out the ram with another, no change
I installed a different HDD and installed windows from scratch (corp license), no change
I tested the power supply and all reads fine

So I know it is hardware but I cant get any item to error out.

Now - In Eurosoft 6.0 the only time I get an error is when I run the stress test. The memory errors immediately HOWEVER, I did the same on 4 other PC's and it did the same and those PC's work flawlessly. So to me that doesnt solve anything as I think it just doenst like that test on any Win7 machine I have in the building.

I am now stuck. I cant sent a part back for RMA if I cant find a way to make one fail.. :(

Any other suggestions?
Thanks for the thoughts!


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Just to start, do you have any devices on your system that is not on the other four systems? Maybe something like Bluetooth?

Have you tried disconnecting the internet?

Does it lock up in safe mode?

After the fresh install of Windows, was it connected to the net or did you do any updates during the install or after?

Have you tried leaving a task manager performance window open to see if the CPUs are spiking?

Anything showing up in the Event Viewer?

Hey Saltgrass,
Thanks for the response.

I think it is definitely hardware. Nothing in event viewer except the things I did like reduce memory, change graphics card etc. Nothing in terms of CPU spikes. It has done it both connected and not connected to the network as it was doing it all the time for the person who was using it and it did it again for me on the fresh install. In fact I hadnt even updated it yet and as soon as I clicked the start menu it froze once and another time when I opened IE to start downloading the first update.

No devices at all. Just keyboard and mouse which is different even than the one the employee was using (simple logitech USB)
Hard drive seems to keep activity but the keyboard and mouse no longer respond nor any commands like single click of power button for shut down or anything.


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When you swapped the video card, was it the same brand/model?

Did you check Safe Mode, and maybe even boot to a Linux Live CD to run the system for a while.

Power supply problems my not be evident from a check. What do you have it plugged into?

Is the unit under warranty? If so, maybe the manufacturer would have a suggestion or replace some part.

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