Ran Check Disk (Scan and Fix) on iPod - ALL Songs Missing

I've posted this on a couple other forums but I haven't gotten a helpful response yet so here goes nothing:

Problem description: I connected my 80GB iPod Video to my netbook and Windows 7 came up asking me if I wanted to scan and fix problems on my iPod. I foolishly said okay and told it to, selecting both Automatically Fix File System Errors and Scan For and Attempt Recovery of Bad Sectors. It took about an hour to complete and afterwards when it connected in iTunes, it didn't recognize it despite recognizing it before check disk. I've connected it dozens of times to my netbook with no problems before today. iTunes began syncing (which it wasn't supposed to do) and freed up about 7GB of space on it before I realized what it was doing. Right now, in iTunes, Winamp and the iPod itself, no songs, videos, playlists or anything show up in it. iTunes claims 66GB is being taken up by "Other" with 7.5GB of "Free Space." Now, when I go into the iPod through windows explorer and go into the folder iPod_Control, all the music still seems to be there and I can listen to the songs in Winamp by opening them from iPod_Control, so why can't iTunes or the iPod find the files? Is there a good data recovery fix for this? Is there some hopefully easy fix I don't see?

Attempted fixes: Looked for iPod recovery programs, saw a trillion listed on Google of varying degrees of authenticity. Googled for ipod-related check disk problems and found a blog saying it erased his playcounts (oh no). Tried disconnecting and reconnecting iPod. Tried disconnecting, resetting and reconnecting iPod. Tried rebooting computer and reconnecting iPod. Tried connecting iPod to different computer it connected to before. Same story each time.

Recent changes: Windows 7 Check Disk, that's all I've done to it. It worked fine yesterday, last night and this morning until I ran Check Disk.


Operating system: 32-Bit Windows 7, evaluation copy, Build 7100.

System specs: Asus 1005HA: Intel Atom N280, 2GB Crucial Notebook Memory, Mobile Intel Express 945GME, 160GB HDD. iPod: Model MA448C, 5.5 Generation 80GB Video iPod, Software Version 1.3. iTunes Version

I have Googled and read the FAQ: Yes

You guys have any idea why this would happen? The thing that confuses me the most is the fact the songs seem to be on there, since I can manually open them, but nothing will recognize them, not iTunes, Winamp, the iPod or another computer, so I'm at a complete loss. Please help!


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Have the song files had their format changed? Perhaps to one that only winamp will recognise?

Also have you tried posting in the ipod forum?

All the songs appear to be MP3 format still, and yes, I've posted this to the apple support forum as well. I'm currently trying making the folder unhidden/non-read only (even though I think they had those settings before) and hoping for the best.

Sounds like windows somehow damaged the MFT or whatever structure is used (I'm anti-I-Pod). Are you attempting to preserve important files on the device? If the files are replaceable it seems easier to format and re sync it than to try to chase down a possibly non existent fix.
If the data needs to be recovered there are many data recovery programs available that work for externally attached storage devices but Apple loves to make it impossible to accomplish things by reasonable means so i don't know that they will work. Most offer a trial so it's worth a look.

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