random binded keys - how to unbind them?

Please help, suddenly I can't work on my thesis because it is to distracting to press backspace after every letter "s" and having the escape key either not function or bring up a help menu in other programs is also really annoying. The insert key also seems to be bound with something but I haven't figured out which key yet as that isn't as annoying and obvious. Is this some kind of a stupid joke virus or something as I wasn't playing with drivers or anything like that. I can't even figure out how to search for help on this one.

I've tried removing the keyboard drivers in Device Manager, rebooting and letting Windows 7 find the drivers.
Didn't help.

I don't have system restore set up.

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Can you try another key board?

I tried another keyboard and this problem did not persist with my Microsoft USB keyboard. Now it seems relevant to mention that the computer I'm having trouble with is a Samsung NP-R467 notebook. When I plugged in my Microsoft keyboard it installed new drivers and restarted. I would assume that this means it is driver related?

Removing the keyboard drivers in Device Manager, rebooting and letting Windows 7 find the drivers did help when I tried it before.


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It may mean that your laptop keyboard has some sticking keys.

but it happens that when i press "s" it also presses "\" and when i press "esc" it also presses "F1" and the problem started at the same time


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Have you spilled anything on the keyboard? Do you have the ability to remove it? Maybe turn the unit upside down and shake gently?

I do not use Sticky keys, but what you are seeing is not how I understand they work, and I do not know of another way to make it do what you say.

Do you show a keyboard panel in the Control Panel? If so, you may have a custom key settings. Perhaps something has gotten set in that.

Most laptops use a special utility to set specific keys, like open the DVD drive. Have you installed that or is there any other software that might change certain keys?

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