Random Bluscreens

So recently I fixed a graphics driver error with my computer, and that stopped the blue screening for a bit. However in the last two days I have been blue screening again, and most of the error codes have been 0x1e or 0x1a. I have returned my cpu back to stock clocks, and checked the ram with memtest, and I just got a memory management bluescreen. After I just blue screened, I restarted my computer, and it crashed. No blue screen or anything, the cursor froze , and a second later my computer restarted without warning. Does anyone have any insight on these issues?


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Hi abdin,

You mention running memtest on your computer - how long did you run it for? Normally you need 7 - 8 passes to make sure your RAM's working correctly, so if you didn't, run memtest overnight.

To test your CPU - try downloading and installing Prime95 (Old School CPU Stress Test, there are more newer ones if you google 'CPU Stress Test') to make sure your CPU's alright.

I understand that you can't boot into Windows normally, so, instead, try booting in Safe Mode:
When your computer boots up, repeatedly press F8 (Do this before the Windows Logo shows up)
If you did it correctly, your screen should now show a list of possible boot options.
Select Safe Mode, and proceed to login and view your desktop.
This should work - if booting in Safe Mode does cause a crash, please come back and tell us so.

If possible, download memtest and Prime95 from another computer on to a USB and load them in to Safe Mode, then run the two stress tests in Safe Mode.

Use this tool: http://windows7forums.com/blue-screen-death-bsod/38837-how-ask-help-bsod-problem.html
to report a BSOD report - same as the stress tests for your RAM and CPU, load it on to a USB and run it in Safe Mode.
Remember to run the W7F Tool as Administrator.

You mention a graphics driver error and fix -
Could you tell us the original problem, and then the steps you took to fix it? This way we can see if there was a better/safer way to fix the problem, or there was an error in your fix.

From my experience, this usually means that an application/driver tried to access a part of your memory that it wasn't allowed to access or was unavailable.

0x1A has the message: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT
This message has a bunch of sub-messages that could be related to all sorts of memory management - if you could, try this:
Boot in to Safe Mode
Start > Control Panel > System and Security > System > [left bar] Advanced System Settings >
Choose: Startup and Recovery
Locate the box "Automatically Restart" and uncheck it.
Select OK in all other boxes.
Now reboot into Normal Windows - if a BSOD happens, your computer will show the bluescreen, but this time, it won't restart.
Now record all the information that the Bluescreen shows, then post back with that information.

That's all I've got at the moment.

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