Random BSOD during restart or after restart on windows lockscreen


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I have been having random BSODs for quite some time now.

It only happens when I:
  • Update any driver which prompt a restart, sometime as soon as I press the restart button my PC will BSOD.
  • Sometime, after successful restart to windows lock screen, if I did not immediately log in I will get BSOD.
What interesting was I tried uninstalling my nvidia driver on safe mode with DDU, when DDU prompt me to reboot my machine, I clicked it and I got a BSOD immediately.

Playing games/stress test never triggered any BSOD.
I also tried enabling driver verified for a few hours and it did not cause any BSOD during that period.

This happens pretty rarely since I don't turn off / restart my PC unless there is a windows/driver update.

I'm at a lost right now. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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