Random BSOD (multiple ones)

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    I am having serious issues with my laptop. Something is causing a BSOD on random occasions so it might just be a program that is always running (like google chrome or messenger). I am having these quite often (a few per day lately) and don't get any helpful support from Dell. I am considering re-installing windows, but I would rather solve it without loosing all my programs and maybe a fresh version of windows doesn't even solve the problem.

    It probably isn't causing the problem, but according to CPU-Z my graphics memory is -1GB instead of +3GB. My Nvidia driver shows the normal +3GB.

    A photo of one of the blue-screens is attached as well.

    One last thing: Not all blue-screens are showing up at the minidump files.

    UPDATE: I got a different BSOD this time, but i noticed something before i got it. All the items on the desktop disappeared as well as all the items in the start menu exept for 'recycle bin'. Which is odd, since the system language of this system isn't English. I placed a foto and the minidump in a new attachement

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