Random BSOD

New build, details as follows:
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3
CPU: Phenom II X4 955BE
RAM: 4x2GB ADATA DDR3 1333 (Model: AXDU1333EB2G9-2G)
GPU: Asus Geforce GTX460 1GB

BIOS was updated to latest version after building rig.

View attachment MiniDump.zip

Running Home Premium 64

After putting this together, things ran ok for a few days, then I started getting some random BSOD, KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED. Tried Prime 95, and got some errors after about an hour. Ran MemTest without errors overnight, 6-8 passes (can't remember how many)

I did a fresh install of Windows and everything worked fine. Prime95 ran without issues overnight. Now the BSOD have started up again. Can't remember if I had installed anything just prior to them starting up.

Woke up the other morning to find the computer at the BSOD (0x1E). After rebooting, Windows wouldn't start, claiming a corrupt Hal.dll. I tried running a repair install from the DVD, but the install program didn't recognize my SSD with the Windows install on it. Rebooted and tried to go to the BIOS, and the computer hung trying to go to the BIOS (this one scared me, bad MB maybe?). Hard reboot, and everything worked fine. Windows started, no need for a repair install.

I then downloaded all the latest drivers for anything I could find:
SATA Controllers
USB Controllers
GPU was already up to date.

The second dump (0x3B) occurred after I crashed to desktop while gaming, and tried to restart the computer. The BSOD happened right after hitting restart.

The only thing that I'm not really sure about is the RAM. It's low voltage memory, rated for 1.33v, but the MB will only go as low as 1.5v. My google skills didn't turn up any real issues with doing so.

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Memory is set well with respect to timings, frequency and voltage.

Memory is definitely the issue here.

It is defective.

Replace the entire RAM with brand new matching set and enjoy.

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thanks for the reply. see edit (added memtest / prime95 info). Despite memtest not reporting anything, I was suspecting RAM as well.

Yep, you're welcome. No need to suspect. 100% definite. Good luck with the new hardware after RMA or new purchase.

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