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If you don't mind we should probably start by removing AVG. Use the programs own uninstaller if available in the program directory. If not use the Programs and Features applet in the Control Panel. Follow that up with the vendor specific proprietary removal tool.
Replace with MSE
If Blue Screens persist, please attach new dump files here (add them to a folder on your desktop and zip up / compress that folder and attach it).
Additionally read the first post in this sticky thread http://windows7forums.com/blue-screen-death-bsod/38837-how-ask-help-bsod-problem.html#post140678
If you continue to have blue screens please do your best to obtain that data asked for in that thread by using the tools / links provided.
Keep us posted

Okay, thanks. Can I use a different free antivirus such as Avast?


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Nope not for now. It's the one AV product that I'm reasonably sure will not produce BSODs. After the problem is resolved, assuming we can do that, you can experiment with any Anti Virus product you choose.

OKay. I will reply back with my .dmp after my computer crashes. It often happens every 2-3 days.


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Glass half empty I guess?
If it happens every two or three days, maybe see if you can associate it with a particular task.
Also I would have thought that you would have had more than just a single dump file from yesterday for us to take a look at.
And please if you do continue to get Blue Screens after removing Symantec/Norton, make sure you follow up with the additional data I linked to in post #2 of this thread.

I don't have Symantec/Norton but my old dump files were probably cleaned out by CCleaner. I'll post the next .dmp file I get along with the additional data.


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Sorry, confused by juggling several of these at a time, intended to say AVG as I have already mentioned.
My apology for any confusion.

Its all good. Anyways I will report back next BSOD. Thanks for all the help so far!


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Would you please refer back to this post http://windows7forums.com/blue-screen-death-bsod/38837-how-ask-help-bsod-problem.html#post140678 and include information from both CPUz as well as RAMMon.
Use the built-in snipping tool to obtain screen shot images of all the tabs in CPU-z including all the slots that are populated with memory sticks under the SPD tab. Export the html report from RAMMon. Put it all into a folder on your desktop. Zip it up and attach it to your next post.
Your latest dump file is indicating an issue with your Nvidia graphics driver
nvlddmkm.sys 8/3/2011 which seems to be pretty recent, but it probably wouldn't hurt to check and see if they are offering anything more current. You may want to use driver sweeper (very carefully) to remove the current Nvidia Graphics driver installed, reboot and re-install or install most current.

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Also additionally determine which Realtek network interface card you have installed that is using this driver
Rt64win7.sys 6/23/2010
Then go here Realtek and acquire the latest driver

EDIT: Should be this one here (Win7 and WinServer 2008 R2 Driver 7.048 2011/9/19) http://www.realtek.com/downloads/do...d=5&Level=5&Conn=4&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false

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Thanks! Your report on the graphics driver further puts my suspicion that its the problem. I took my graphics card out of my old computer which seemed to crash with the same code alot. Here is the other info.
View attachment CPUZ.zip


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