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Windows 7 Random BSOD


New Member
Mar 8, 2013
Hello, I keep getting BSOD's randomly. My computer was fine the night until I began to play a video on youtube that I loaded up a few hours earlier.


  • W7F_08-03-2013.zip
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Very consistent behavior. I believe they all have something to do with both your Etron USB Host Controller driver (EtronXHCI.sys) and your AMD USB filter driver (usbfilter.sys). Their dates are July 25 2011 and Dec 22 2009, respectively, so you'll wanna see about updating them both. The AMD filter driver usually comes with your motherboard chipset drivers, and the Etron is a separate USB 3.0 driver that is part of the driver package for your motherboard.

As for what actually is causing teh issue, I'm not sure. I think there may be a conflict with the USB filter driver and the Etron USB 3.0 filter driver. Again, updating both may help (also check for BIOS update too). How this has anything to do with a youtube video I don't know. Perhaps you have a USB device plugged into a USB 3.0 port?


All crashes identical. Something involving some USB I/O going on, but I can't see the IRP for any of the crashes (not retained in these minidumps). The raw thread stack, however, shows c00000bb (request not supported) and c0000034 (object name not found) errors, as well as the AMD filter driver and the Etron driver showing up. Again, I think there's a conflict between em as they're both handling the same I/O.
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