Random BSODs pls help.


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Hello everyone,

i need some help with my new system:

MOBO: Gygabite 870-UD3(Rev3.0)
CPU: AMD Phenom II 1100T
RAM: 2x 2gb Corsair 1333
VGA: Radeon HD 9650
HD: RAID0 Corsair 60gbx2 SSD
PSU: Seventeam 750w V-Force
OS: Win 7 x64

I got this system like a month ago and been experiencing random BSODs out of nowhere. First, i thought it was the VGA(it was occuring very frequently with it) so im using my older VGA(Geforce 9600 GT) and at first hand, it stops BSODing, but this night i got a ACPI.sys BSOD. Ive tried many times to find my minidump file, but my windows doesnt have a minidump folder. Or atleast i cant find a folder specified to C:\Windows\minidump. Windows says there is no such folder.

Sometimes i receive a RAIDXpert error, and after some BSODs the recognition process of my Raid HDs does not recognize them if i hit the Desktop reboot button. For it to be recognized i have to completely power it off.

I hope i can get some help here.


OBS: ive been searching to solve my minidump problem on the web but no success. If u got a sticky post or something that could walk me through i appreciate it.


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Here is my info. But still no dumpfiles. Ive used SF Diag Tool. Looks like my windows is not saving dumpfiles.



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thanks for the reply. I already checked those config and they are exactly as stated on that sticky thread you posted.Should i search for my dump file on safemode after the BSOD or something? cuz everytime i get a BSOD and reboot, i get no minidump. And everything is set up correctly.

Please read this post here http://windows7forums.com/blue-screen-death-bsod/38837-how-ask-help-bsod-problem.html#post140795 and make sure your computer is configured properly to collect the dump files resulting from your BSODs.


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The weird part, Trouble, is that everything is set up exactly how its said on that thread. And still no minidump.


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Just got another BSOD, but this time it didnt specified any file. It just said it was creating a minidump, but still no minidump file. Im running on SAFE MODE right now.


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If you are certain that your machine is configured properly as per attachment.
Then take a look at this post by jcgriff2 http://windows7forums.com/blue-screen-death-bsod/38837-how-ask-help-bsod-problem-2.html#post161508 regarding the configuration and location of your pagefile. Use the tool in that post in IE to get all the information you need about how your machine is configured for OSrecovery.
Additionally there is a link in that post referencing a MS Knowledgebase Article as well as his thoughts as to why, even with everything configured properly, the machine, due to some type of catastrophic hardware failure may not have time to produce the dump file, although I suspect that pertains mainly to full kernel dumps rather than mini-dumps.
Also I might as well point out (and I mean no offense here) that hacked / cracked (pirated) copies of Windows 7 often behave this way, in which case you're out of luck.

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