Windows 7 Random BSODS


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Hi Guys

Was not too sure if this is the right location or not but I will try my luck

I am getting constant DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (0x000000D1)

Attached is a report from BlueScreenView and My Zipped up Minidump File

Would really appreciate it if I can get you guys to help me identify what is going wrong

I can usually replicate the error when updating my WoW installation

Please help

Its a brand new computer that I built yesterday
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Can you verify Driver Verifier was active at the time of any of these crashes? I'm checking them and I don't see it turned on. You can verify by opening DV again and selecting Display existing settings. If list of drivers is empty, it's off. Remember that after your set up DV you need to press that Finish button and then restart the PC cleanly. It must at least shut down cleanly during the restart process, otherwise the settings are lost. Read through the article on it thoroughly to make sure you're aware of any new behavior caused by having it on, like the common boot loop it causes. Send us crashdumps of any new crashes it produces.