Random bugs not there in BETA


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I've been using the BETA since it came out with no problems, recently because it expired and RTM wasn't on msdn yet at that time i installed the RC and since then i've been having a couple of random issues. Before i just remove the RC and grab a copy of the RTM i thought i'd ask here. (I don't like reformatting midway a project).

IE randomly crashes an internal thread. the browser still works but it can no longer add favorites , go back, etc, and opening new tabs via the gui required me to click twice or more times etc, a very odd behaviour which i can't figure out.

and secondly, some applications only after coming back from sleep mode, display GUI lockup problems, like MSN, the gui initially locks up (with no extra cpu consumption going on) and then releases after what seems to be a fixed amount of time. Again this only happens after i come out of sleep mode.

ATI mobility 2600 HD
Intel Core 2 Duo T7700
and everything else included on an HP 8510p

(while i'm here, anyone know why win7 can recognize my harddrive sensor, and fingerprint sensor, but i can't use them? their softwares which worked under vista can't find them but they do show up in the deviced control panel.)

any help would be appreciated.

p.s. (kudos for supporting facebook connect and open id on this forum :) )


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*bump* come on guys, no one? nada? :(

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