Random freeze followed by whitescreen.

(EDIT: Tried this one 32-bit and 64-bit verision of ultimate, using different ROMs if you guys are suggesting WIN7 format, last resort would be going back to XP but I got so adjusted to W7 now it would suck :(..)

I have been having this problem for a while now and it is REALLY getting on my nerves!
I am pretty good with computers and i'm sure I can follow instructions if you guys just give me a trail of what might be happening.

I had none of these problems when using XP, I have been trying to uninstall NOD32 and replacing it with kaspersky, removing f.lux (screen light manipulating program), doing memtest which did not show any errors.

What should I do about this?! Happens every one- or two days.

ATI Radeon 4670 HD
AMD Athlon II X2 250 3.0 GHz
4 gb RAM and if it would be any help GF615M-P33 Microstar-something motherboard.

Please help me with this, it is driving me crazy.
I appriciate it, and if no one can help me please forward me too another forum.

Btw, I searched through the whole internet but people mostly had this problem with reboots, while installing or just booting, didn't find anyone who had few sec freeze followed by whitescreen that forced me too reboot.


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Have you updated your ATI drivers to the latest versions, checked the video card to make sure it's not over heating?

If ATI Overdrive is enabled, disable it.

Are there any odd entries in the Event Viewer when the white screen occurs?

Okay now, I checked the event viewer and I did not understand much of it, quite complicated UI so I didn't understand alot from it :|.
From the driver part, I am currently downloading the latest driver but I did this on the 64-bit verision and the same problem occured; but I guess it is worth another try.

As I said, I doubt it is about my hardware because as I said, worked perfectly like a month ago with XP.

Thanks alot for replying, I didn't expect it since I have waited for a while..


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Hi Adriuhn
I had none of these problems when using XP,
Just for Info.
Windows 7 is a completely different beast to WinXP. So different they are hardly even related. Vista is only a very distant second cousin, twice removed, to Windows 7.
So something that automatically ran on XP (or Vista?) doesn't mean that it will automatically run on Windows 7. As Josephur pointed out, ATI Overdrive could possibly cause problems. Also any drivers pre-dated 13 Jun 1999 will most likely be incompatible with Windows 7. Not definitely, but likely. You have to have a different mindset with 7 to XP, believe me, I've been there :)!

So I'd update the graphics drivers to the latest as Josephur mentioned. Using DriverSweeper to totally remove my old setup, as that can cause conflicts with the new setup.

  • Download the latest Catalyst SetUp.
  • Download and install Driver Sweeper.
  • Boot to Safe Mode
  • Uninstall your current Catalyst SetUp.
  • Run Driver Sweeper to clean up any left overs.
  • Reboot to Normal Mode.
  • Install your new Catalyst SetUp.
Also, if you can fill in some of your computer specs it would help us to help you.

HTH. Elmer

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Thanks alot for the clear answer, took a while to get one but when I did you guys are awesome, short but very easy to understand for me.
So I safe booted, went to driver sweeped, sweeped AMD Display, installed new one.

Overdrive, all the options in that was outgreyed so I highly doubt it was activated from the first part
I wrote the specs, but if you really want them more detailed.. sure


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